Equipment Rentals

2020 Price List

    Half day * Full day 5 days M-F ** Full week Weekend ***
Canoe   45.00 60.00 240.00 280.00 125.00
Single Kayak 10 ‘   35.00 45.00 180.00 230.00 90.00
Double Kayak 12′   45.00 60.00 240.00 280.00 125.00

* Half day rentals begin or end at 1:00 PM. 4 hours duration.
** 5 day rentals must be back by 2:00 PM, Friday.
*** Weekend includes Friday 2:00 PM to Sunday 4:00 PM.

Maximum 2 adults, 1 child under 11 per canoe… 2 seats only.

If you are renting equipment and bring own extra equipment, there is a charge of $20 per piece of equipment to launch/park.


Daily rentals run from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, NOT 24 hours. Equipment kept overnight will be charged as two daily rentals.

Life preservers, whistle, bailer, and paddles are included with each rental.

The full rental amount is required by credit card to reserve equipment online or by phone.

GST and PST are not included in the above rates.

We do not offer a rescue service.

Any lost time due to early return or late departures are charged at the regular rate.

Cancellation Policy

We require 3 days notice to cancel reservations without penalty. 

We offer rain checks for extreme weather.